Our firm has assisted many of our clients in their exciting venture of subdividing.  Whether large or small, we are happy to assist.  Subdivisions is one of our favourite areas of our practice as we watch our clients dreams come to fruition.

We can help with your subdivision dream from beginning to end, or just help guide you through the process and then assist with registration at the land titles office.

These are just some of steps you can anticipate in your Subdivision:

  1. Drafting your application for Subdivision:  though some people can do this on their own, we are here to help ensure that it is filled out thoroughly and accurately;
  2. Reviewing Surveyor plans:  it is always better to have a well thought out plan of subdivision in advance of the subdivision application submission.  In some cases we have been able to work with the surveyor to create additional lots in the plan, thus generating our clients additional money in the end;
  3. Consulting with your tax expert:  we often work with your tax planner to be sure that the subdivision end results are not surprising to you.  There are many ways to minimize the tax impact of your sales and we encourage group consultations with the accountant to be sure you are taking all of those into consideration before even submitting the subdivision application, when possible;
  4. Submitting your Subdivision Application:  we help to provide the title search you will need to submit your application and ensure your package is ready to submit;
  5. The Planning office governing your subdivision will send out your submission to all of the relevant parties to get their feedback on what conditions will be required to proceed with your Subdivision, some of which are:
    1. Rural Municipality Hearings;
    2. Utility Easement establishments;
    3. Survey Monument requirements;
    4. Septic system decommissioning;
    5. Road creation;
    6. Highway access;
    7. Shared driveway agreements;
    8. Public Use and Green Space designation;
    9. Developer Criteria Restriction Agreements;
    10. Road development;
    11. Historical Site Preservation;
    12. And the list goes on ….. but not all of these are always necessary and we are always here to help
  6. Once all of your Subdivision conditions are satisfied and your survey mylars are preliminarily approved, we can also assist with drafting the blank offers for you to tender to your potential buyers.  Many of the lots can be conditionally sold long before the titles even issue, which can help to finance your development; and,
  7. Lastly, we help you get your titles transferred to your buyers.  Your favourite part!

Our team looks forward to being a part of your subdivision team!