Shimon Liebl is both patient and tenacious for his Family Clients, as needed, and this diversity is appreciated by those that he serves.  Every file is different and Shimon Leibl is able to focus on the issues, get the matter to court if needed, and help you to move on with your life.  Call to book your consultation appointment with Shimon Leibl.

Shimon has been with our team for several years now. He graduated from the University of Manitoba with his Juris Doctorate in Law. He focused his studies as much as possible on family law and the many intertwined areas associated, such as wills and estates, tax and contracts. Shimon Leibl focuses most of his practice on family and estate planning matters.

Shimon Leibl has worked hard to hone his negotiation skills.  In November of 2014, he and his negotiating partner won the Region 7 – Law Student Negotiation Competition which was held in Saskatoon. In February of 2015, he and that same partner went on to win the American Bar Association National Law Student Negotiation Championship which includes both Canada and the USA jurisdictions, prevailing over the other 190 teams.  In July of 2015, they went on to win the International Law Student Negotiation Championship which was held in Dublin Ireland.  Shimon Leibl and his team negotiator were the first ever team representing Canada to win that international competition.

Shimon Leibl credits his successes to his family and friends. He has a loving wife and two young sons.

Collaborative Family Law

Shimon Leibl completed his intensive collaborative law training in the Spring of 2017.  This training focuses on training lawyers to deal with relationship termination/separation/divorce in a non-litigious manner, aiding the clients in finding a settlement that is healthy for the family in an emotional and monetary way.  The children are the focus, fairness is the target, with the law providing guidance but not always dictating the outcome. Through this intensive training experience, Shimon Leibl appreciates even more the reality that “Equal” and “Fair” don’t always mean the same thing in every family dynamic.  With collaborating clients, Shimon Leibl’s settlements can often be much less costly and much more satisfying for both parties than proceeding through courts.  Shimon Leibl seeks to move his practice in this direction in a more substantive way in the future, while also using these techniques on those files which are litigious, to help our clients work through the quagmire of issues and emotions that they are faced with in the process.

This Collaborative Training has also served Shimon Leibl well in his drafting of pre-nuptial and cohabitation agreements.  These types of agreements are by their very nature, negotiation “hot spots” without the right lawyers to assist.  Shimon Leibl’s experience in collaboration is of assistance to his client’s in this process.

Estate Planning

Shimon Leibl also enjoys assisting his clients in their estate planning, preparing their Wills, Power of Attorney Documents and Health Care Directives.  Knowing what matters must be discussed, and what matters must be documented, are fundamental to a lawyer assisting you with Estate Planning and Shimon Leibl strives to collect all of the information needed to make that happen for you.  A person should never be without a Power of Attorney in place, and as such Shimon Leibl encourages that this document happens in conjunction with your Will preparation.

Shimon Leibl is here to serve you and is happy to meet with you to get your file started.